Dryer Vent Cleaning

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Why Should I Clean My Dryer Vents?

Lint build-up within your dryer vents can result in reduced airflow, which then causes overheating. When this occurs the high temperature limit safety switch cycles on and off. The majority of switches were not meant to cycle on and off continually which may cause them to fail.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission indicates that there are an estimated annual 16,800 fires related to clothes dryers.

Build up of lint and decreased exhaust airflow provide conditions perfect for a fire. Lint is extremely combustible and one of the main components in a recipe for home-made fire starters.

Who Needs This Service?

Just about everyone with a dryer needs this service! Particularly those homes with dryers situated inside walls, or those found on second floor laundry rooms. These centralized areas cause dryers to be vented increased distances, at times fifty feet or longer. This enhances the risk for lint buildup along with other obstructions which may severely affect the dryer's performance.

A few things to look for which may indicate that the dryer is not functioning properly:

It requires more than one cycle to dry your clothes The dryer vent hood flapper does not open The clothing that come out from the dryer are hotter than usual

What Is the Method?

Our thorough lint and debris-removing system includes a powerful vacuum combined with a rotating brush that is fed into entire your dryer vent system.Our method allows us to eliminate virtually any kind of blockage, including bird's nests, from your dryer's duct and vent system.

With lower utility bills, and the longer life for your dryer and clothing, a dryer vent cleaning will pay for itself. In addition to the comfort you'll have in knowing that you've avoided a potentially dangerous fire hazard in your house.

Watch this video to learn about dryer vent fires.

Most homes only $69-$99

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