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... you  shouldn't  have  the  cleanest  carpet  in  town ?

   Hi we are Tamara and Matt Martinez, we are the owners of Pro Team Carpet Care. Over the past several years, our family has had the privilege of helping over thousands of your friends and neighbors get the most sparkling carpets and rugs they've ever seen. In fact, many tell us they love taking their shoes off and rubbing their toes in the soft, fluffy carpet after they get the most thorough cleaning ever (which we guarantee to give you...or our service is free)! 

They told us they wanted more. . .and we're giving it to them!

  Many of our new clients have told us they were sick of the "cheap, top surface only cleaning" their carpets were getting from other cleaning companies. We are constantly seeing and hearing the results of these un-educated cleaners. 

Don't be a victim of these un-ethical cleaners !

They use harsh, cheap, and even dangerous cleaning agents (leaving toxic amounts of chemical residue in your home.)  Some of these residues are not even safe for your pets much less your children.  The chemicals that these un-educated cleaners use are so harsh that they strip the life from the carpet fibers adding years to the wear age.  Plus these cleaners don't even pull out all the embedded soil debris that ends up at the lower part of your fibers which will cause your carpet to wear faster. This means you're going to need to replace your carpets sooner (big bucks!)...and that your home won't be as healthy. These type of cleaners are untrained, unethical, and downright unscrupulous cleaners.  So not only will you pay more in the long run by going with "cheap cleaners" ... you won't be enjoying all the benefits of a great looking carpet, and a safe HEALTHY home. 

Clients of ours say they feel healthier after we clean their carpets!

  We're not only dedicated to giving your carpets & rugs the most thorough cleaning ever... We're also dedicated to helping to improve the quality of your life by making your home the optimal healthy environment for your family.  I don't think you'll hear this from any other carpet cleaner!

  This is why we give a FREE in-home CARPET INSPECTION where we take a close look at your carpet and tell you exactly what will help them look there best, and what we can do to remove anything from them that could be causing an unhealthy environment in your home.

This is what you receive when Pro Team Cleans your Carpets & Rugs;

  • Long Lasting Deep Clean - We extract all the dirt, grime & debris of 100% of your carpet yarns. We don't just buff the surface like some bonnet or carbonation methods (Dry-Chemical Systems) do. With our cleaning process your carpets and rugs will stay cleaner longer because we extract all the dirt & debris.
  • Kills Germs, Bacteria, and Dust Mites - Our High Powered, Truck-Mounted Steam Extraction process kills and extracts most germs, bacteria, and dust mites from your carpet fibers.  98% of the carpet mills recommends Hot Water Extraction (steam) as the preferred cleaning method.
  • We Use Safe-Bio-Degradable Cleaning Agents - The cleaning agents we use are designed for your particular carpet & rug fibers and are safe for children and animals.
  • No Cleaning Residue Left in Your Carpets - We use rinsing strokes to make sure no cleaning residue is left in your carpet yarns. By flushing out all the dirt, grime, and cleaning agents we restore your matted traffic lanes to fluffy and soft carpet fibers with no soap residue making your carpets stay cleaner longer.
  • Fast Drying Time - Because we only use high heat, deep extraction, truck mounted equipment, we pick up 98% of the moisture we put down.  When our job is completed the carpet fibers will only be slightly damp. Depending on the grade of carpeting and the air circulation in your home our drying time is approx. 2-6 hours.
  • We don't Cut Corners, We Clean Them - We take all the time needed to clean every square inch thoroughly.
  • We are IICRC Certified and a Chosen Member of Ethical Services - This assures you that we have been trained and tested. And we abide by a strict code of ethics which results in the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - There is nothing worse than paying for a service and not being happy or thrilled with the results.  You have peace of mind always when you use us to clean your carpets.
  • 25 Years of Experience - As the saying goes "practice makes perfect." Our family has been in the cleaning business for 25 years and we have perfected our cleaning methods and spotting techniques to give our clients maximum cleaning results. If it can be gotten out, Pro Team gets it out.
  • Professional Friendly Service - You will receive friendly, informative, and caring service from your first phone call to the completion of your job.  We also call a day or two later to make sure you are still thrilled with our service.

  What are you waiting for. Give us a call today (916) 865-4428, so you can have the Fluffiest- Cleanest Carpet & Rugs in town.

Cleaning Packages

Additional services:  Treatment for heavy soiled areas,
Specialty Spotting such as ink, make up, red dye removal, gum, rust, tar, wax, urine stains, intense urine treatment, vomit,
finger nail polish, red wine, coffee, tea, water stains, air filtration lines.

Carpets dry in hours, not days!

  Call Today For Estimate (916) 865-4428

After cleaning your carpets and upholstery keep them looking clean and fresh with Scotchgard protection.

What are those dark lines along my walls or under my doors?.... Air Filtration Lines.

Pro Team's staff are experts in removing them.

Air Filtration Lines on Carpet Air Filtration Lines on CarpetAir Filtration Lines on Carpet Air Filtration Lines on Carpet

 Filtration soil is a term used to describe dark, grayish lines that may appear on carpet. This has become a common problem today because homes are much more airtight than in the past and because aromatherapy and burning of candles is so popular today.   Filtration soil is a complex mix of very fine even microscopic chemical particulates such as carbon, sulfur, oxides and silica soil plus oils.This very fine soil strongly attaches to carpet fibers. This is not a carpet defect, but a situation in which dust and other airborne pollutants such as soot from burning candles or from poorly ventilated fireplaces can accumulate on the carpet face fibers in areas with a concentrated flow of air over the carpet or through tiny cracks or other open areas under the carpet. The soiling condition can occur quickly, or it may develop over a period of months or years. The level of soiling is dependent upon the volume of airflow and the level of pollutants in the air.  Filtration soiling is not a result of the quality of carpet selected. The condition will obviously appear more pronounced on lighter colorations than darker colorations.  Filtration soil areas may appear around baseboards, under doors, along the edges of stairs and possibly away from walls where plywood subflooring materials have been joined. It may also occur under the skirting of furniture. Generally, the concentrated air flow will be from an upper level to a lower level of the home.   As indicated, filtration soiling can occur under closed interior doors where a central heating, ventilation, and air condition (HVAC) system is utilized. When possible, open interior doors to reduce filtration soiling that may develop under closed doors while the HVAC system is in operation.  Filtration soil may be fireplace or automobile emissions, residue from furniture polishes, fine sand or clay particles, cooking oils, or a host of other soils or a combination of soils.   Oily airborne contaminants trapped by carpet fibers will serve to attract more dry soil.   It is difficult to identify effective methods to reduce or prevent filtration soiling. Preventing airflow through carpet and carpet edges by sealing cracks in the subfloor, as well as under baseboards and edges of stairs, may reduce filtration soiling problems. Keeping air inside the home as clean as possible can be accomplished by reducing indoor air pollutants, such as cooking emissions, fireplace smoke, burning candles, cigarette smoke, and emissions from cleaning chemicals; and by the installation and regular replacement of high efficiency HVAC air filters.   Cleaning your air ducts will help clean the air that circulates through your home. While no one cleaning technique may be successful in all filtration soiling situations, recent innovations in soil- and stain-resist treatments applied to carpet have reduced the effort previously needed to remove the filtration soil. However, the complete removal of contaminants from the soiled areas can be complicated, depending on the type of contaminant materials present.

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